This Is The Scent That You Should Wear Today

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by Janelle Yau   |  Sep 28, 2016
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Most people choose a bottle of perfume based on their personality. While we think that every girl needs a signature scent, there's no harm in trying out other perfumes depending on your mood. In fact, hunting for the bottle of perfume that suits your mood for the day is fun, and can be pretty exciting, too!

If your signature scent just won't cut it today and you're wondering what perfume you should spritz on now, don't worry, Candy Girls, because we've got you covered. Just take the short quiz below and find out what scent you should wear today.

1. What are you craving for today

OMG! I've been craving for a fluffy cotton candy since last week! 

A slice of red velvet cake sounds heavenly. 

I miss my lola's old-fashion coconut macaroons. 

I want a bag of Cheetos Flamin' Hot right now. 

2. What are you going to do after class today? 

Checking to play more quizzes. 

Just grabbing a quick "merienda" with my boyfriend to catch up before going home. 

Heading home to catch up on my latest read.

I'm going to an adult playground with my blockmates because there's no homework for tomorrow. Yay!

3. Pick an adjective that best describes you today. 





4. What lippie do you feel like swiping on today?

Bright pink lip

Classic red

Barely there nude

Deep plum 

5. Who's your go-to artist on your playlist?

Katy Perry 

Taylor Swift

Troye Sivan

Lady Gaga


Which scent are you spritzing today?

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