This is How You Can Achieve Perfect Beach Hair All Summer Long

by Karen Francisco   |  May 7, 2017
Image: Kim Jones |
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Achieving the perfect beach hair—from effortless looking waves to trendy braids—is not as easy as it looks. Whatever 'do you might be gunning for, it's not only important to make your hair look good, you have to protect it from sun damage as well. Keep reading if you want to find out simple tips that you can practice when you're on your beach trip and sporting your beach hair straight from Kim Jones herself during Cream Silk's 'How to do Summer' with Kim Jones event yesterday!

Less is always more!

Applying too much product to that hair—especially when you're heading out under the sun, may essentially damage your hair further. When your hair is exposed to too much sun, the key is to apply as little product as possible. Less is really more! As much as you want to style your hair to make a huge beauty statement, remember to keep it at a minimum and your hair will thank you for it!

Wear a hat or a scarf.


To add extra shield against the sun and lessen hair damage, accessorize by wearing a hat or a scarf. These are great essentials to bring to your next trip since not only are they cute accessories, they can protect you from UVA and UVB rays, too!   

Stay under the shade if you can.

As much as you would want to soak up the sun and get your tan on, too much of it will be harmful not just for your hair, but for your skin, too! As much as possible, stay under the shade as much as you can when you're at the beach. You can still take your OOTD shots under the tree for extra drama or under a cute umbrella!

Get your beach wave curls on!

Nothing spells beach and summer more than the beach waves. So if you're wondering whether you should wear your hair sleek and straight or fun and wavy during your beach trip, take it from Kim and get your beach waves curls on.

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