13 Things Only Morena Girls Can Relate To

by Erin Torrejon   |  Feb 16, 2015
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It's no secret that the world of celebrities and the beauty industry tends to favor fair-skinned girls. This has been going on for quite some time now, and this has also brought about the thinking that having fair skin is beautiful and superior in comparison to other skin colors. This has definitely made life for morena-skinned girls a little more difficult. Although we see the beauty in every color (and believe that you totally should, too), there is no denying that girls with darker skin tones have been made fun of at one point due to this kind of thinking. Because we know just how painful it is to be judged based on your skin tone, we wanted to celebrate morena girls by uniting all of us through airing out all the struggles and pains we all go through. We hope you'll be able to find true comfort in knowing that you are not alone in this world, and hopefully have a few laughs, and truly embrace the skin you were born with.

 1  I can never find foundation, powder, and concealer in my exact skin tone. 

blair via Giphy.com


Seriously beauty brands, not everyone has fair skin, okay?

 2  Someone always says, "OMG, I LOVE YOUR TAN!"

snapsvia Giphy.com

Uhmmm girl, this is my color all year round. 

 3  When I’m at the beach, it’s a constant struggle between wanting to tan and realizing that I might get way too dark for my own good.

mariahvia Giphy.com

watch now

 4  So tired of hearing "hala, baka we won't see you na at night," when I get super tan.  

rihannavia Giphy.com

 5  I have to be extra picky when choosing nude lippies...

lc via Giphy.com

...because there is a fine line between looking like a corpse and getting that perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade.


 6  Also, looking for the perfect red lippie that suits my skin tone is a legit struggle. 

pleasvia Giphy.com

Can someone just direct me to the perfect shade? PLEASE?

 7  Guuuurl, just because my complexion is dark, doesn’t mean I'm dirty! 

SHUT UPvia Giphy.com

My hygiene is totes on point.

 8  All the girls on every beauty counter recommend I use whitening products...

novia Giphy.com

...and I'm all like, how about NO?

 9  Speaking of whitening, why does almost every skin care product have to be about whitening?

emmavia Giphy.com

Where my "love your skin color" products at?

 10  Totes tired of being called the "dark friend." 

lady gagavia Giphy.com


YO! I'm morena, get familiar with my skin tone, because I'm mighty proud of it. 

 11  You can flaunt anything in white or the brightest orange and yellow hues because of how awesome it complements your skin tone. 

beyoncevia Giphy.com


 12  Finding someone who truly sees the beauty in my skin color is pretty rare. 

minionsvia Giphy.com

And speaking for the morena community, we LUH YA!

 13  But the best part of all is hearing someone say "girl, I looooove your skin tone, wish I had that color!" 

emma stonevia Giphy.com

Ohhhh yeeeah, morena is beautiful, too!

Just remember Candy Girls, that every type of skin color and shade is beautiful and you should be proud of the one you've been gifted with because it's uniquely yours 

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