These 10 Celebs are Proof That You Can Look Just As Gorgeous with Glasses On

Be proud of your specs and rock them with confidence!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Nov 30, 2015
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Have you ever been shy or ashamed to wear your eyeglasses? That's okay, it's completely normal! Sporting glasses for the first time can make you feel odd or shy for a bit because it's something new and can feel like it will alter your entire look. Because we know just how much of an adjustment having to wear prescription glasses can be, we want you to know that you're totally not alone and that it's completely fine to be hesitant about the whole process. But really, we want you to alter this perception because wearing specs can actually be quite fun and you will actually look just as gorgeous when wearing them. It all lies with how confident you feel and your attitude when it comes to rocking your very own pair! To inspire you to embrace your new glasses and to show you that you will look just as great when sporting them, we gathered below all your favorite celebs you might not have known actually wear glasses too! Check them out and take one step towards loving your glasses today!


 1  Selena Gomez

 2  Janine Gutierrez

 3  Lucy Hale

 4  Nadine Lustre

 5  Sofia Andres

 6  Yassi Pressman

 7  Shay Mitchell

 8  Zendaya

 9  Demi Lovato

 10  Chloe Moretz

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