The Only Korean Skin Care Steps That Matter

Do you really need all 10 steps?
by Janelle Yau   |  Jul 2, 2017
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While there's no doubt that all of us here at the Candy HQ have been bitten by the K-beauty bug, we have to admit that the latest K-beauty trends can be overwhelming. We mean, do we really need to do all ten steps to achieve clear and great skin? To get to the bottom of it, we asked The Face Shop's Training Specialist for Skin Care Grace Choi what we need to do to achieve great skin and to share with us the only Korean skin care steps that truly matter.

According to Grace, it's important to base one's skin care routine on her skin type, the season, and the time.

Is your skin type oily or dry?

Is it currently hot or raining?

Are we talking about your morning or your night skin care regimen?

"For instance, if you're heading out under the sun, a cleanser, moisturizer, and sun protection could be a simplified skin care step, but which moisturizer to use would vary depending on your skin type. If your skin is dry, then use a moisturizing cream. If your skin is oily, a serum or a lotion would do."


At The Face Shop, the most basic skin care routine consists of 5 basic steps: toner-serum-emulsion-eye cream-cream, excluding the basic cleansing and sun care protection. "If you're wondering whether you really need all five of these steps, then the answer is yes," Grace said. "Toning is the last step of cleansing and the first step in skin care. This step removes makeup residue while organizing the skin texture to help better the absorption of the skin care products you will be using. It also restores the pH balance of skin that has become alkaline during the cleansing step. The serum comes next, which is a moisturizer that works on a cellular level to target specific skin problems such as signs of aging and brightening. After this step, in order to restore the optimal oil to moisture balance, an emulsion/lotion should be used. Then comes the eye cream for the delicate skin on the eye area for better absorption and eye concerns like deep wrinkles and dark circles. Lastly, all of the moisturizing care has to be sealed in with a cream, leaving your skin with a moisture barrier for continuous moisture."

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Although a 10-step skin care routine can be overwhelming and time-consuming, a five-step skin care regimen is definitely doable even with a busy class sched don't you think? 

Would you swap your 10-step skin care routine for an easier 5-step one? We know we would!

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