The Old Fashioned Skin Care Secret Princesses Do to Achieve Great Skin

Kate Middleton's to be exact.
by Janelle Yau   |  Jul 7, 2017
Image: Kate Middleton Photos |
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Unlike in the fairy tales that we grew up to, being a real-life princess is no easy feat. There are various events to attend, charities to visit, and on top of that, you always have to be on your best behavior. One wrong move and you'll be the paparazzi's flavor of the month.

Since Kate Middleton started dating Prince William, all eyes were on her—especially when she got married and became a princess. While a lot of people rave about her great style and adorable kids, we can't help, but obsess over her great skin here at the Candy HQ. So when her go-to makeup artist Arabella Preston spills the beans on how Kate gets her always glowing skin, you can be sure that we were all ears.

While K-beauty is obsessed with double cleansing and American beauty swear by retinol, the Brits and their royalties swear by an old school face towel! Arabella suggests to soak the face towel in hot water and use it to wipe of makeup and dirt from the face during the cleansing step. (via The Zoe Report) Plus, it's definitely gentler than your trendy cleansing brushes and they're cheaper than buying cotton pads every month, too! Besides, if Kate Middleton does it, then we say it's a go!

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What do you think, Candy Girls? Would you go back to this old-fashion cleansing method again?

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