The Morena Girl's Beauty Cheat Sheet

by Marla Miniano   |  Apr 13, 2016
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All the morena girls in the house, we feel ya: Even if you love your eternally sunkissed skin and would never trade it for a fairer complexion, you're often left wondering if certain makeup shades would look funny, garish, or downright awful on you. But luckily for you, we've taken the guesswork out of getting ready with these five foolproof hues that would look amazing with your skin tone—and get you out of the house in five minutes flat. Let the countdown begin!

05:00 Taupe brows
Not all brown brow pencils are created equal. The ashier blonde ones tend to wash out your brows instead of defining them, while the ones that run on the auburn side have red undertones that will be picked up by your tan skin and just make your brows look more and more copper throughout the day—not the most flattering. Your best bet is a brow pencil (powder, gel, pomade, and liquid are all awesome, but LBR, pencils are the easiest and most convenient) that's just the right mix of brown and gray. Bonus step: seal with a clear brow gel.

03:30 Apricot lids
We know what you're thinking: Orange lids? Are you serious? But we're not talking traffic cone tangerine; we're thinking more of a soft, peachy shade that will look super pretty on your peepers and go with your rosy, golden glow. A wash of apricot eye shadow in a satin finish all over your lids highlights your eyes in a subtle, effortless way; just check out how lovely Kathryn Bernardo's stare is on the cover of her new book, Everyday Kath!


02:30 Dusky rose cheeks
Punchier corals and bolder pinks look great on you, but for a smitten flush that looks the most natural, sweep a dusky rose blush over the apples of your cheeks and get ready for a ton of compliments. Unlike lighter blushes, this color actually shows up on your skin, yet doesn't make you look like a cartoon doll.

02:00 Mauve lips
The obsession with Kylie Jenner's signature brown matte lip doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon. Tailor this throwback trend to your skin tone by staying away from darker chocolate browns and going for a more feminine, more age-appropriate mauve. Choose a matte liquid lipstick if you want all-day staying power, or line your lips with a creamy mauve lip liner and go—it'll settle into a comfortable matte in several minutes.

01:00 Yellow finishing powder
Morenas are especially prone to pesky dark undereye circles and dull complexion. Combat both while setting your makeup by lightly dusting yellow-toned, color-correcting powder under your eyes and all over your face for a healthy glow that makes you look like you never, ever get stressed!

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