The Kind of Friend You Are, According to Your Haircare Routine

Your hair regimen actually says a lot about the kind of friendship you bring to the table.
Jan 25, 2019
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The Kind of Friend You Are, According to Your Haircare Routine

Every squad is a mix of different personalities-each member has something unique to bring to the table. If they say that your hair is an extension of your personality, what does your hair say about the kind of friend you are? Hair we go!
1. My usual hair routine is:
A. Wash and wear. Fuss-free!
B. Shampoo. Condition. Air dry.
C. Wash. Condition. Blow dry. Curl.
D. Wash. Wrap in a towel… Zzzz. Oops.
E. Wash. Dry. Secure in place.
2. My favorite hairstyle is:
A. Definitely beach waves!
B. High ponytail. Always.
C. If it's lit, it's my favorite.
D. Do I even have to bother?
E. Straightened or Curled!
3. It’s most important for my hair to:
A. Keep up with an adventurous life.
B. Stay fresh during or after workouts.
C. Match my OOTDs.
D. Be low maintenance and hassle-free.
E. Always look its best.
4. My go-to hair accessory is:
A. A baseball cap or bucket hat to protect me from the sun! 🌞
B. Scrunchies so I’m always ready to go.
C. Any! As long as it’s cute. 💖
D. I don’t really wear accessories...
E. Bobby pins! They keep my hair neat and polished.
5. The hair rule I live by is:
A. My hair can't hold me back!
B. Dry shampoo is life.
C. Cleanse. Style. Set.
D. No hair rules. Just house rules.
E. No sleeping with wet hair!

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