The K-Beauty Way to Do Your Nails

Nail it like your favorite unni!
Aug 11, 2017
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The K-Beauty Way to Do Your Nails

Our Korean sisters’ beauty game is always on point, from their skin care to their brows. But have you thought about dressing up your nails the Korean way, too? Try out these fun nail art ideas so you'd nail the complete K-beauty look!

Half and half nails

Go crazy with creating two-toned symmetrical patterns on your nails! Don’t be afraid to pick the brightest hues in your nail polish stash: The more the colors clash, the better. Use a tape as a guideline if you’re not blessed with steady hands.

Tattoo nails

Not yet ready for a real tattoo? Try tattoo nails instead! They’re mini decals that look great even on bare nails, with designs ranging from minimalist patterns to intricate designs. Simply stick them on your nails and top with clear polish.

Negative space nails

Leaving uncolored spaces on your nails create a fun, unexpected illusion. There are so many ways you can go about this style—try half moons or half bare-half painted nails to give it a try.

Mermaid nails

Achieve mermaid-inspired nails by playing with pastel shades. Add glitter or scale patterns to complete your undersea princess look.

Geometric nails

Draw perfectly straight lines on your nails by using tape to cover the parts you don't want to paint on. Use bright, contrasting hues to add a fun pop of color to your outfit.

Minimal accent nails

Play around with the accent nail trend by adding a dainty detail on one finger instead of painting it in a totally different hue. It's a sophisticated way to add a bit of variety to your mani.

Glass nails

If you love bling and sparkle, this K-beauty trend is for you! This design involves cutting bits of holographic paper and setting them over a base color to create the illusion of glass-like nails.You can always cop the style with glittery polish: Easier to apply, but just as sparkly and fun!

French tips 2.0

Upgrade your french tips by trading the usual white accent for a bolder hue. You can also go all out by tracing a color from your cuticles to your nail tips.

Princess nails

Take your nails up an ultra-girly notch by adding rhinestones, metallic details, and other 3D elements to your manicure. If you’re not into nail accessorizing, you can use a dotting tool to create dainty dots on your tips.

Whichever nail art style you go for, color remains the most important factor. Pull off the wackiest nail designs with Chic Nail Color's extensive palette of shades. Whether you’re into classic pastels, gritty metallics, or bold bright hues, you’re bound to find a shade (or 10) that perfectly fits your personality. Time to have fun with your nails, girl!

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Chic Centre.

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