The Basics of Skin Cleansing

Zits begone! Care for your skin properly and get clear skin at last.
by Jennie Llamas-Garcia   |  Jul 17, 2011
photo by Paolo Pineda * Makeup by Sabs Hernandez * Hair by Vianney Guese
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Skin is like the body's gossip rag. It reveals things that we don't usually want known, like our eating habits, stresses, or even emotional state. In short, our skin doesn't lie. We can fake beautiful skin, but isn't it better to have the real thing? Get great skin by respecting it—know your skin type and care for it accordingly. Everything will follow from there.

Determine Your Skin Type:

  • Oily - You have shiny, skin, enlarged pores, and are prone to blemishes and blackheads.
  • Combination/Normal - You have smooth skin, medium-sized pores, an oily T-zone, and dry dry cheeks.
  • Dry - Your skin feels tights, especially after cleansing. It's flaky, with occasional red patches.

Basic Skin Care Regimen

  • Cleanse - The best way to cleanse your face is gentlest way possible. Massage face in a circular motion, using the pads of your fingers. Use warm water—too hot or too cold isn't good for your skin.
  • Exfoliate - Remove dead skin cells by gently scrubbing skin—use a light touch! Exfoliate five times a week if you've got normal or oily skin. For dry and sensitive skin, do it once a week or not at all—it can irritate your skin.
  • Moisturize - Even oily skin needs moisture! It's best to moisturize right after cleansing while your face is still damp. Use light lotions and gels if you've for oily skin, heavier creams if your skin is dry.
  • Protect - Never forget sun protection—it's crucial for young skin. Use sunscreen formulated for the face. Sun protection is important even for dark skin, so don't skip it!

Myth Busters

Chocolate and greasy food cause skin to break out.
Fact: Numerous scientific studies have shown that there is no direct relation between diet and acne, although the vitamins we get from food have an effect on our skin.

Fiction: The more you wash, the less breakouts you'll have.
Fact: Too much washing can cause dryness and irritation, leading to more breakouts. Twice a day is enough, once in the morning and once at night.

Fiction: Getting a tan will clear up acne.
Fact: Tanning can temporarily mask the redness of zits, but not actually clear them out. Although beautiful to look at, sun-tanned skin is actually considered damaged.

Fiction: Drinking plenty of water keeps your face moisturized.
Fact: Your body will be well-hydrated, but it stops there. There is no relation between the amount of water we drink to how moisturized our faces are.

Fiction: Pores open and close.
Fact: Pores do not change shape. They can appear to be larger or smaller, depending on how clean your skin is.

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