The 3 Beauty Products You Should Switch To This Summer

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Apr 25, 2016
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When the season changes, sometimes your go-to products can suddenly stop working their magic. You'll have to switch from your usual heavy coverage foundation to something lighter to keep your skin from melting away under the sun. The heavy feel of lotion can also feel icky when you go out and start sweating. Luckily, there are products in the market that can address your concerns with the change in weather. Here are a few beauty staples we think you should stock up on this summer.

A lightweight BB cream that doubles as sunscreen

If you're simply not comfortable going barefaced, say, to a party or a barkada get-together, the thought of applying foundation might seem inconvenient. With the heat, you're not sure if half of the product will end up on the tissue you'll constantly be using to wipe off your sweat. But with something as light as BB cream, you can cover your blemishes without the heavy feel of foundation. The great thing about this kind is it's already loaded with SPF 50 so it protects as it conceals.


A pressed powder that mattifies

If you're not a fan of the dewy look, you might be interested in setting your makeup with pressed powder. This particular one gives a poreless finish that stays on for as long as 16 hours! Another bonus is that it comes with a matching concealer if you have imperfections you want to cover up. It also comes in 5 shades, so you'll be able to find one that's closest to your skin tone.

A body lotion that doesn't feel heavy

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Admit it, the last thing you want is to put on your thick body lotion when you're already perspiring the moment you step out of the shower. But luckily, there are brands in the market that have formulas that don't feel heavy. This one has a cooling effect and leaves a powder-y scent that will make you feel smell and feel fresh all day long.

What other products are you including in your summer beauty arsenal? Let's swap tips in the comments down below or tweet us @candymagdotcom for any beauty Qs you might have!

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