PSA: These Are the Most *Painful* Body Parts to Get Tattooed On

Everyone's tolerance varies, of course!
by Cheska Santiago   |  Oct 6, 2021
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Aside from the design of your tattoos, one of the things you need to consider before getting inked is the pain level. Of course, it is subjective and everyone's tolerance varies, but it's a bunch of needles poking your skin multiple times, so it's bound to hurt a bit. The *placement* of your ink is also important. For example, a tattoo on your outer forearm will hurt less than one that's placed on your ankle, since there's more skin to act as a "cushion" in that area.

If you're one of the people with low pain tolerance, we've created a list of the body parts that hurt the most when tattooed on, so you know which areas to *avoid*. (You can revisit this when you've built up your threshold!) Read on to learn more:

Most Painful Body Parts to Get Tattooed On

1. Rib cage

The rib cage may be a good spot if you want to easily hide your tattoo, but we must warn you that getting inked on this spot is quite painful. There isn't much skin to act as a cushion in that area, so you'll definitely be able to feel the pricking sensation. If you're adamant about getting tattooed in this area, we recommend going for a smaller, dainty design.

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2. Finger

Getting inked on your finger makes sense if you want something that's more low-key, but it's also one of the most painful ones since the tattoo artist is working around your bones and knuckles. Our only consolation is that the session will be over before you know it since designs done in this spot are usually tiny!

3. Ankle

Your ankle is another super bony area that can cause you a lot of pain during your session. At least you'll have a ~super cool~ tattoo afterward!

4. Inner forearm

The forearm is another popular area to get tattooed on because of how much ~space~ it has. You have two choices if you choose this spot: the inner and outer forearm. The former hurts more due to the radial nerve running along with it.


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5. Collarbones

If you want something you can hide as easily as you can show off, we recommend getting tattooed on your collarbone area. The pain, however, is inevitable since it's obviously a very bony area.

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6. Palm

ICYDK, we have *thousands* of nerve endings on our palms that make our hands very sensitive to different sensations and textures. A bunch of needles poking it for about 30 minutes to an hour is definitely not the most fun experience, so we applaud you if you have a tattoo there!

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7. Stomach

If you think you might get away unscathed if you get a tattoo on your stomach due to the ~cushion~, you'd be surprised! According to tattoo artists, a lot of them struggle with tattooing in this area because of the constant movement we do when we breathe. The skin on it is also very soft and bouncy, making it harder for the needles to penetrate it. (Read: Longer tattoo session!)

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