Super Cute Hairstyles to Try If You're Kulot

Pretty easy to do, too!
by Janelle Yau   |  May 31, 2017
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It's no secret that unlike girls with fine, straight locks, girls with kulot hair cannot simply wash and go. And let's face it, straight-haired gals got nothing on a kulot girl's bad hair day. But when the hair gods are feeling kind and when styled right, curly hair can be fun, feisty, and bold in all the right ways. Because we know that you're tired of simply leaving your kulot hair up to chance, we're sharing with you the cutest hairstyles you can do whether your hair is simply wavy or totally curly.

Just bun it!

One edge girls with kulot hair have is the natural volume of your tresses. Regardless of whether you're having a good hair day or not, use your hair's volume to your advantage and throw your hair up in a bun! Don't worry about the loose locks. The messier your 'do is, the better and edgier it will be.


Put a barrette.

If you're running late and blessed with slightly thinner waves, keep your hair away from your face without sacrificing style with a barrette clip. Spritz hairspray before you head out of the house for extra hold.

Let it flow.

Instead of hiding your curls, embrace it, and let it flow! Just make sure to cleanse, condition, and detangle your curls well for a healthy, bouncy, 'do.

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Add braids to the equation.

Curly hair is almost always equated to femininity. Add a little bit more femme to your 'do by spicing it up with cute braids.

Keep your half bun messy.

Embrace the wildness of your curls with an equally wild hairstyle for the day—an always stylish messy half bun!

How about you? How do you style your kulot?

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