Sofia Andres Opens Up About Getting Lip Fillers: "I feel more confident"

"It's not like a bad thing... If you'll feel more confident doing it, why not?"
by Yssa Cardona for   |  Sep 1, 2023
Image: Instagram/iamsofiaandres
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In an era where societal expectations and beauty standards continuously evolve, celebrities have become more vocal about their choices to undergo beauty enhancement procedures. One of them is Sofia Andres, who candidly discussed how getting lip fillers not only changed her physically but also boosted her confidence mentally.

“It was like a trend on Instagram. I was like, should I do it, or should I be scared?” she shares in a recent vlog, revealing that the reason she was open about her experience was because she wanted others to know that it was safe.

“It’s not like a bad thing, it’s really beautiful. It changes the shape of my face, I don’t know how, but it makes it smaller. It looks super effortless!”

sofia andres lip fillers

PHOTO BY Instagram/iamsofiaandres

According to the actress, she felt even more self-assured after the procedure. “I feel more confident when my lips are more plumped. Kasi even without eye makeup, without blush, I just put balm and that’s it. I feel like the most important are the eyes and the lips,” she shares.

Noting that she doesn't see anything wrong with women undergoing beauty enhancements that make them feel good about themselves, Sofia adds, “If you’ll feel more confident doing it, why not? If you’re gonna feel more beautiful, you’ll feel most comfortable, and you would look your best self, why not?”

It’s about time we let women do what makes them feel confident. You do you, Sofia!

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