Trust Us: This ~*Whipped*~ Foam Cleanser is the Secret to Clear, Glowing Skin

by Patricia Melliza for   |  Mar 7, 2023
Image: Instagram/snailwhitephils
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Fact: The first step to an *effective* skincare routine is cleansing. No matter how good your toners, serums, and moisturizers may be, you won't reap their benefits if you don't have a fresh canvas. Facial washes come in different formulas, from cream, clay, to gel. Today, we're here to put the spotlight on foam cleansers! As its name suggests, this type of facial cleanser comes in a foam or mousse-like texture, which allows it to thoroughly cleanse the skin. 

Recently, we got to try out SNAILWHITE's new Whipp Foam Cleanser. The skincare brand's best-selling Whipp Soap now comes in this liquid cleanser form, and it's worth adding to your regimen! Below, read on to see why we love it: 

5 Major Reasons To Love SNAILWHITE's Whipp Foam Cleanser

  1. It's suitable for all skin types

    Its foam formula is gentle on the skin. It almost feels like ~*whipped*~ cream, so you'll love massaging it on your face! It's also pH-friendly, which helps prevent skin irritations. 

  2. It purifies the pores. 

    Thanks to its blend of snail mucin and hyaluronic acid, it lifts away impurities such as excess oil, dirt buildup, and makeup without making the skin feel stripped. 

  3. It *gently* exfoliates the skin. 

    It's also formulated with enzyme peeling ingredients and amino acids to remove dead skin cells and bring out your skin's glow. 

  4. It brightens the complexion. 

    Aside from exfoliating acids, it also contains active ingredients such as vitamin Cniacinamide, and alpha arbutin, which help even out the skin tone. 

  5. It costs less than P500! 

    Time to add to cart. ;)

snailwhite foam cleanser

SNAILWHITE Whipp Foam Cleanser, P495, Lazada


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