Skincare Products To Start Using In Your Late Teens, Early 20s

Keep it simple, but strategic.

Skincare is meant to double as me-time and a little act of self-care in the morning and at night. It's no fun though when you begin to stress too much about breaking out or not getting the results you want... And sometimes, reading too many tips can make you feel like you're doing everything wrong.

To help you sift through the many options in the market today, here are a few basic ingredients and products you can check out if you're looking to upgrade your skincare routine from your early teen years*:

Vitamin C

According to an article on Byrdie, the best age to start topical vitamin C application is 18. Why? Because vitamin C brightens the skin and protects against free radicals from your environment, pollution, as well as damage caused by the sun-something college students are often exposed to.

Take note however that vitamin C is a bit complicated to mix into your routine. Start slowly, and be aware of what you mix it with. According to the Glow Recipe Team, "if your skin is not used to acids or you’ve never tried combining Vitamin C with BHA or AHA before, you’ll want to ease into it. Putting all three products on your skin right off the bat could cause irritation and redness. So work your way up to them. Start by applying just Vitamin C, every other day."

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If you want a simpler approach, you can also buy products that already have the ingredient mixed in.

This serum lightens pigmentation and fights premature aging.

TRY: Vitamin C + HA Face Serum, Skin Revolution, P395 for 50 mL, available on BeautyMNL

You can also this light toner that's filled with vitamins C and E.


TRY: COSRX Light Fit Real Water Toner To Cream, P1,100 for 130 mL, available on Lazada

Another thing to note about vitamic C: Make sure you store it properly (completely sealed and away from direct sunlight). Otherwise, the product will oxidize rendering it ineffective.

Hyaluronic Acid

As seen above, hyaluronic acid is often seen in products containing vitamin C, as these two work well together in fighting sun damage. The same article on Byrdie suggest that 20 is the best age to start using hyaluronic acid. "When you start seeing fine lines under your eyes. At a young age, these suggest dehydration." 


TRY: COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence, available on Lazada (pictured above)

A Gentle Exfoliator

"I always recommend my younger clients stay away from astringent toning products [in favor of] something more balancing,” says celebrity aesthetician Joanna Vargas, areported on Refinery29. “Rose is incredibly hydrating and good for circulation—it works on any skin type.”

TRY: Mamonde Rose Water Toner, P850, BeautyMNL


Spot Treatment for Acne

It's normal to breakout (especially around your period), so avoid trying to pop pimples yourself or drastically changing your skincare routine all of a sudden, as doing so could do more harm than good. If a zit appears in a really annoying spot and you want it gone sooner rather than later, try spot treatment to directly address the affected area.

TRY: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, P200 for 24 pieces, available on Lazada 

Bonus: SPF

It's never too early to use SPF, as sun damage is the number one culprit in damaging your skin. Luckily, there are now tons of SPF-loaded products that don't feel as sticky as the thick sunblocks we used when we were kids.

TRY: A'pieu Pure Block, P495, available on Zalora


Cleansing water

Double cleansing innovated skincare many years ago, and with good reason. Cleansing water helps remove makeup, dirt, and grime from your face, prepping it for all the skincare layering you'll be doing later on.

TRY: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, P348, available on Lazada

Body oil or lotion

Be sure not to forget about the rest of your body! Remember, your skin is your largest organ, so you need to take care of it from top to botton. Especially if you shave your legs, you'll need to make sure your skin doesn't get too dry and damaged by following bad or outdated shaving myths.


TRY: NIVEA Healthy Glow Cooling UV Lotion, P249 for 200ML

A gentle deodorant

Similar to body oil, making sure your skincare routine extends to your underarms is just as important for your hygiene. Have you been reading about underarm detoxes lately? While you don't need to go to the extreme, it helps to find a deo that isn't too harsh or overly scented--especially if you're just staying home all day.


TRY: Zero Basics Natural Deodorant, available on

You might also want to check out sunflower oil, to help smoothen and brighten your armpits. Apply it after showering at night so it can get the job done while you sleep.

TRY: Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil Bloom, P199.75 for 50mL, available on


How to layer your skincare products

Of course, it's always important to listen to your skin and to avoid introducing multiple products into your skincare routine all at once. 

You'll want to start by removing your makeup with cleansing water, followed by your facial wash. Then apply your products from lightest to thickest: continue on to your toner, then your watery serums before the creams. Make sure to apply sunblock d i l l i g e n t l y--this isn't about vanity, it's a health concern. Here's a simple step-by-step guide you can follow.


*This is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Always consult with a medical practitioner to know the right steps for you.


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