10 Signs You're the Beauty-Obsessed Friend in the Group

You're the eyebrow queen, and they know it.
by Nicole Arcano for Preview.ph   |  Jul 29, 2017
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In every barkada, there's the sosyal friend, the leader, and the overachiever. There's also the beauty girl, who might just be you. Unsure? Here are 10 telltale signs that will confirm that for you:

You're everyone's go-to for emergency skin care advice.

Thanks to Reddit, you're everyone's semi-official "dermatologist." You're the source of the best and newest acne treatments, serums, and are now the resident K-beauty expert. Basically, you're lowkey the reason why your friends have amazing skin.

Your friends keep you away from makeup counters.

They know you're bound to do some damage when you so much as smell lipstick in the vicinity. Sometimes, you're the one who tells them to help you stay away because your last purchase went way beyond your budget.

You're the eyebrow guru, and you simply won't leave the house without them.

But when you do, your friends automatically assume that something bad happened. When in reality, you're just actually wearing clear brow gel.


You're the group's resident hair and makeup artist.

"It's my cousin's wedding tomorrow, can you do my hair and makeup?" is something you hear twice a year. Not that you mind, because you love glamming up your friends anyway.

You never sleep with your makeup on. Ever.

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Even after nights-out that end at 4am, you always miraculously find the energy to wash your face. This happens no matter how tipsy you are, and it's a unique trait of yours that everyone admires.

You've converted at least one person in your friend group into a lipstick junkie.

From that first swipe of borrowed lip cream, you got them hooked. Now, their lipstick collection can rival yours! Well, almost.

You continuously preach the gospel of sunscreen.

It's either they'll hear enough of your nagging, or the message of sunblock as the key ingredient to anti-aging finally gets through to them. But either way, keep going, beauty warrior.


You'd rather eat cheap meals than run out of your makeup budget.

You know it's not healthy, but you do it anyway because you need that new liquid lipstick and you need it ASAP. Luxurious lunches be damned.

You're always made-up, whatever the occasion.

It doesn't matter if you'll only be out for two hours; that intense highlight and dark lip will happen anyway. You may or may not always be 10 minutes late, too, courtesy of that hard-to-perfect cat eye and your extensive skin care routine.

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