25 Shoulder Tattoo Ideas with Dainty Details

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by Cheska Santiago for Cosmo.ph   |  Dec 2, 2020
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When planning to get a tattoo, there are a few things you have to consider other than your chosen design. For starters, you have to think about the perfect placement and amount of space your tattoo has to work with. If you're still undecided about the size of the ink you want, we suggest your shoulder. Since it covers a large area, the designs you can go for are ~endless~.

Shoulder tattoos can also either be easily shown off or hidden. For example, you may choose to flaunt your ink with an off-shoulder top or you can keep it hidden with a shirt or jacket. Convinced yet? Keep scrolling to get the lowdown on shoulder tattoos.

How painful is it to get a shoulder tattoo?

While everyone's pain tolerance varies, a shoulder tattoo is generally not as painful as the other areas, especially if you get it done on the *rounded* part of the shoulder.


How should I care for a shoulder tattoo during its healing process?

A critical thing to note is that your new body art is only as good as your aftercare. Remember to use a mild soap to clean the area, avoid picking at it while it's healing, and always apply sunblock to prevent it from peeling. In the recovery stage, we recommend wearing off-shoulder tops or ones with thin straps. If you must wear a shirt, choose one that is loose and breathable.

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Ready to pick a design? Ahead, we put together 25 of the ~*cutest*~ shoulder tattoo ideas for your perusal:

Here are some cute shoulder tattoos to serve as your inspo:

  1. The shading of this tattoo make it look as if the butterfly is *actually* perched on your shoulder.

  2. You can get away with choosing a larger tattoo design if it makes use of thin, minimalist lines. Case in point: Halsey's shoulder rose ink.

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  3. We're totes obsessed with Korean-style tattoos—just look at these cute little planets!

  4. If you consider yourself as a ~*space baby*~, then you'll love this tattoo design that has a cluster of stars, planets, and sparkles.

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  5. A black-and-white floral tattoo is a classic choice.

  6. This butterfly is more 2D than the first one on the list, but we absolutely love the attention to detail that went into it.

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  7. Calling all pink lovers: This flower tattoo is *perfect* for you.

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  8. Aside from flowers, a good shoulder tattoo design is a flowing script. Perhaps your favorite quote or song lyric?

  9. Take your heart tattoo to a whole other level by incorporating flowers into it. P.S. The thin lines make it appear *extra* dainty!

  10. Couple tattoos are nothing new, but if you want to keep your design more low-key, just choose to get your partner's initials inked on you.

  11. If you don't want a tattoo that's obvious at first glance, you can choose to put your design on your shoulder blade.

  12. This red sakura tattoo is impactful, thanks to its vivid coloring and shading.

  13. Take your doggo with you everywhere by getting cute little pawprints on your shoulder, just like what Loisa Andalio did!

  14. We cannot stop thinking about the watercolor style used to create this ~*dreamy*~ heart tattoo.

  15. Change up the usual flower tattoo designs by getting one that's shaped like a crescent.

  16. Fact: Moon tattoos are immensely popular. Give yours a twist by getting the lunar phases inked.

  17. This cluster of fruits, flowers, and sparkles are just the right amount of whimsical.

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  18. According to Japanese tradition, paper cranes give you success and fortune. Take ~good vibes~ with you wherever you go with this minimalist tattoo.

  19. Minimalist line art is always a popular choice for tattoos, and for good reason, too. It's subtle yet it still makes a statement.

  20. Beach babies will *love* this colorful wave tattoo.

  21. Keep everyone guessing by getting an abstract design for your shoulder tattoo.

  22. If you want a more prominent tattoo, this drawing of a butterfly perched on top of a flower actually starts from the shoulder bone and runs along the length of the upper arm.

  23. Be one with nature with this tiny fern tattoo. It would look so *cute* when it peeks through your clothes!

  24. Sometimes, a tattoo as simple as a single flower is enough to make a statement.

  25. Give your floral ink more life and ~dimension~ by asking your tattoo artist to include falling petals.

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