6 Times Selena Gomez Posted the Most Inspiring Body Positivity Posts on IG

by Mariel Roja   |  Mar 31, 2023
Image: Instagram/selenagomez
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The world has been watching her grow up since she was seven years old, but the silent battles that Selena Gomez had to go through all these years are still unknown to us. Apart from being one of the biggest pop stars today, the 30-year-old singer and actress is an active advocate for mental health which stems from her mission to raze unrealistic beauty standards that continue to devalue the worth of women all over the world. 

One of the many things the Only Murders in the Building star has always been open about is her Lupus disease, which causes inflammation and chronic pain while attacking her immune system and organs. She underwent kidney transplant surgery in 2017 as a result of her physical and mental struggles. Selena's chronic disease had an impact on her weight and she received a lot of body-shaming comments mostly on social media.

Despite all the backlash she received for her appearance, Selena stayed true to herself and responsibly used her platform to send a stronger message that all bodies are the most beautiful in their natural state. Here are six of the Rare Beauty founder's Instagram posts that inspired us to love our bodies by accepting our perfect imperfections!

1. When Selena clapped back at her haters. 


In 2015, the then-22-year-old actress got a lot of hate when her paparazzi pictures surfaced online. Selena was having the time of her life on vacation in Mexico when the internet had a lot to say about her weight gain. Appalled by the cyberbullying, she posted a bikini photo of herself with the hashtag #theresmoretolove to express her joy at her shape. Female celebrities are an easy target for body shaming, but Selena is never afraid to call out the haters! 

2. When Selena addressed the beauty myth of physical perfection. 

"I chose to take care of myself because I want to, not to prove anything to anyone," the Come And Get It singer wrote to her fans, addressing women's unfair struggles to conform to society's definition of flawless beauty. Her heartfelt caption emphasized the importance of self-care over measuring up to a certain beauty standard. This post is accompanied by a short nostalgic video of Selena bonding with her friends on a private yacht. It demonstrated genuine contentment that can only be felt when surrounded by good company that sees through you.

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3. When Selena proudly embraced her curves. 

Remember when Selena broke the internet with the photo shoot of her collab with La’Mariette? As a way to support her friend's business, the Disney child star collaborated with the swimwear brand which shares the same views as her when it comes to body positivity. Selena unapologetically embraced her curves since the brand takes pride in uplifting all shapes of women! 

4. When Selena built a beauty brand to break down the unrealistic standards of perfection. 


Rare Beauty believes in the beauty of imperfections and wants everybody to honor their uniqueness including their own body. Being the brainchild of Selena, she incorporates everything she cares about through this brand with a focus on celebrating one's individuality. For Selena, being rare is about being comfortable with yourself which will make us want to stop comparing yourself to others. 

5. When Selena started a campaign to end hateful comments. 

One of the campaigns that gained positive praise for Selena's beauty line is her Your Words Matter educational campaign in partnership with Mental Health First Aid. It aimed to educate users online to be careful with their word choice to reduce the persistent stigma around mental health. This was deeply anchored on the below-the-belt comments that Selena got when her looks changed over time. She didn't deny that it affected her big time but her determination to always promote kindness reflects her beautiful heart. 

6. When Selena reminded everyone that every breath is a breakthrough in her documentary. 

She stripped her heart open for us to see and understand in a documentary produced by Apple TV+ titled "Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me." The heart-wrenching documentary unveiled the entrepreneur's most vulnerable state as she bravely narrated the struggle she faced in her career and personal life. Growing up, she had many thoughts that she was not good enough. After overcoming all of the challenges she endured, she has developed into a strong but delicate woman who never misses an opportunity to help others feel less alone in this world.

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