Have A Sudden Urge To Change Your Hairstyle During Quarantine? Go Lang, Here's Why It's Okay

Go ahead, give yourself some bangs. ;)
by Cheska Santiago for Cosmo.ph   |  May 17, 2020
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It's an awfully familiar situation: You're sitting at home, mindlessly scrolling through your feed when the *genius* idea of giving yourself bangs and coloring your hair crosses your mind. "It looks pretty easy," you think to yourself. After all, your friends and countless celebs have done it, so what's the worst that could happen? (TBH, too-short fringes and patchy dye jobs, but that's for another article).

I, too, almost fell victim to this desire after watching my nth DIY hair coloring video on YouTube. So what is the reason behind this sudden *urge* for drastic changes in the time of quarantine? Is it just pure boredom or is it something else? Keep on reading to learn more:

One of the biggest factors, of course, is the closure of non-essential businesses, which includes salons. This led to people taking matters into their own, untrained hands. Looking through the #quarantinehair hashtag on Instagram will show you thousands of pictures of shaved heads, pixie cuts, an assortment of colors, and all types of bangs. Despite boredom being the most plausible and glaring explanation behind this phenomenon, there is actually a logical reason for these urges.


According to Kim Johnson, professor emerita at the University of Minnesota, giving yourself a makeover after a catastrophic event is very common. (Haircut after a breakup, anyone?) It's a renewed sense of control. Dr. Christie Ferrari also says that it's a coping mechanism. "When we experience stress, it's our natural inclination to want to do something, anything, to respond, adapt, and cope with the stressor, especially when said stressor is uncontrollable and unexpected."

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The stakes are also low right now. No one else but the people you live with can see you, so in case you mess up, you're assured that you can grow it out in peace.

So hey, the next time you feel the sudden urge to give yourself micro bangs or maybe dye your hair blue, go for it. It might just make you feel better.

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