These Are Liza Soberano's Secrets to Achieving Glowing Skin

by Yanna Lopez for   |  Jul 15, 2017
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Liza Soberano is our #peg for a ton of things, but none more so than for beauty. Her glow is envied by all, and it only takes a quick scroll through her Instagram to confirm that, yes, we'd do pretty much anything to cop her luminous, luminous skin. But the key lies in what you put inside your body as much as on the outside! Below, Liza spills her best, most trusted skin care secrets.

What's your ultimate skin care tip?

"Hydrate on the inside and out. Drink lots of water! Also, ate Maricar Reyes taught me'cause she has really, really nice skinyou have to eat a lot of fruits. Fruits have natural antioxidants that help improve the clearness of your skin, making it look younger. Also, I discovered on my own that I need to moisturize the outer layers of my skin! I also take vitamins. So important. There's vitamin E and biotin, the latter mostly for my hair and my nails."


Three tips for luminous, glowing skin?

"Exfoliate, moisturize, eat healthy!"

What's your skin care routine before going to sleep?

"Remove all my makeup, wash my face with facial wash, then I use a toner. Sometimes, if I'm in the mood, I use a gentle facial scrub to exfoliate. It's not enough to just wash your face, you have to deep-clean, too! Last, I put on my moisturizer."

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Our two biggest takeaways: don't ever skip the vitamins, and make sure to find the right exfoliator for your skin type! 

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