Press Release: Vote For The New Faces of Clean & Clear Asia

BFFs Mariel and Isa could be the new faces of Clean & Clear Asia. Read on to find out more.
  |  Sep 3, 2010
photo courtesy of Clean & Clear
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What is the one thing you cannot live without as a teenage girl (or a grown-up girl, for that matter)? Our cellphones, hairbrushes, and high heels are top contenders for our girly absolute must-haves. However, at the end of the day, it all boils down to whom we spend time with. No matter how old you are, you will always—ALWAYS—go back to your best friend. She is the one person you can call at 4AM just to make kwento to. She is the one person who will tell you the painful truth for your own good. She is the one person you will always have a blast with, even if you are just at chilling at home. And sometimes, when circumstances permit, she is also the one person you will want by your side as you two vie to become the next faces of a global beauty brand. That’s right. You and your best friend—the next models of a world-renowned brand.

That opportunity is exactly what Clean & Clear® has given long-time best friends, Mariel Bitanga and Isa Palabyab, as Clean & Clear® is on the search for the next best friends models of Clean & Clear® Asia. After winning the local round of the competition, Mariel & Isa flew to Singapore in June to compete against six other pairs of BFFs from all over the region. They were given challenges, crazy tasks, and wild shopping adventures to showcase how awesome their best friendship is. Though their physical tasks are over, the contest has only just begun! YOU can decide who the next faces of Clean & Clear® will be! From now until September 20, help make Filipinas the next faces of this global beauty brand. Vote everyday on to help make Mariel & Isa Clean & Clear®’s newest top best friends models!

A best friend will cheer you on, pick you up when you are down, and push you to go out there and show the world your talents. Similarly, Clean & Clear® is here to make sure every teenage girl experiences life’s possibilities by fearlessly going out there and doing something amazing. That is exactly what Mariel & Isa are doing now! Let’s all help them become the next faces of Clean & Clear® so that they can show the world how gorgeous Filipina best friends are.

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Follow the girls’ adventures through their blogs here. Watch the girls’ Singapore challenges through these webisodes.

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