Important Spots You Forget When Applying Sunscreen

They're just as susceptible to sun damage!
by Patricia Dayacap for   |  Apr 9, 2017
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Heading out? Not too fast! Before enjoying your time out in the sun—and even on your regular commute, because surprise, surprise, it's always sunny these days—make sure to put on some sunscreen. And we don't just mean a halfhearted attempt on your legs and arms—we mean every nook and cranny, including these:

Your ears

We tend to take our ears for granted, but these delicate babies need sun protection, too. Pat the excess from your hands to the front and back of your ears, and add a hat for good measure.

Your nape and neck

Whether you're sporting a high bun or just cut most of your hair off, don't leave your nape and neck exposed and unprotected! Religiously applying sunscreen (and moisturizer, for that matter) keeps these areas firm and prevents unsightly sagging (aka turkey neck).

The tops of your feet

Summer is sandal and flip-flop season, so your feet are bound to take a beating if you don't take preventive measures. Don't forget to put between your toes, too!


Your lips

The skin on your lips is super thin and delicate, so yes, it's possible to get sun spots there. You regularly apply lip balm anyway, so it won't be hard to switch to one with at least an SPF of 30, right?

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Your scalp

Your crowning glory is called that for a reason! Your scalp is never not exposed to the sun, and with prolonged sun exposure, it can get dry, itchy, and flaky. Spray a hair mist formulated with SPF on your scalp and down your strands—and wear a hat when possible!

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