OPI x Glee Nail Polish?

The hit TV show is following Bieber's and coming out with its own nail polish soon.
  |  Jan 15, 2011
photos courtesy of Fox TV/TV Entertainment Networks (Glee)
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Glee is set to come out with their own Glee-inspired nail polish with OPI! The colors include: "Slushied" (opaque blue), "Hell to the No" (bold purple), "Gleek Out" (lime, glittery green), "Diva-in-Training" (poppy pink), "Who Let the Dorks Out" (peacock green), "Miss Bossy Pants" (rich raspberry), and "Mash-Up" (pearlescent green gray).

Any guesses which characters inspired the lacquer colors? We're guessing Miss Bossy Pants = Rachel Berry (even the color is a raspberry!). If you could come up with your own Glee-inspired polish, what would you name them and what colors would you come out with? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

(via Teen.com)

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