Never Leave for School Without Doing These 4 Things

This is what your morning routine should look like.
Never Leave for School Without Doing These 4 Things

Between getting through all your school-related tasks and doing all your young adult responsibilities (a.k.a. semi-adulting), you probably have little to no time to get ready in the morning. That doesn't mean you get a free pass at skipping a beauty routine that will benefit your body in the long run, though. 

Here, we list down a few things you need to do before heading out in the morning: 

1. Drying your hair properly

Remember: It's never a good idea to let the wind dry your tresses. Take a few minutes to sit down and dry your hair in front of a fan with a microfiber towel to maintain its natural moisture. Using heat tools like blow dryer or heat rollers on wet hair would leave your tresses damaged and brittle, so make sure you let your hair dry naturally in the morning. 

2. Washing your face

Removing your makeup the night before doesn't excuse you from not washing your face in the morning. Remember, your pillowcase and bed sheet accumulate dirt, grime, and sweat on a daily basis, making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. So if you don't want to deal with breakouts later on, wash your face in the morning and change your pillowcases and bed sheets twice a week, too! 

3. Misting

Still feeling sleepy after a long night of slaving over your thesis or plates? Pop your favorite face mist in the fridge before you head to bed and spritz it on before you head out. This will not only help set your makeup (or prep your bare, beautiful face), it'll also bring down morning puffiness. Trust us, this will make you feel fresh and awake in no time! 

4. Hydrating and protecting your skin 

The one thing you should never ever forget before leaving for school is lotion. Your skin takes a beating under the sun, especially now that climate change is affecting our weather big time. Slather on a moisturizing lotion that doubles as a sunscreen like SkinWhite Classic Whitening Lotion with SPF 10. It's formulated with vitamins B3, B5, B6, C, and E to moisturize your skin, and has Light Feel Technology so you won't feel sticky as you step out of the house. 

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