Nadine Lustre's Beauty Evolution

We take you through Nadine's road to becoming a budding beauty icon!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Nov 13, 2015
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When it comes to beauty goals, Nadine Lustre definitely sets the bar high from her flawless brows to her always glam hair looks. But the now super on-point Nadz didn't always look so selfie-ready when she was starting out. In fact, she sported different makeup looks and hairstyles a few years back. Because she's become such a great beauty peg and icon for girls everywhere, we want to show you her own beauty journey to serve as beauty inspo, as well as to motivate you to always have fun with your own looks and have fun experimenting—always! 

 1  This was Nadine's signature beauty look when she was starting out, very simple and fresh.

 2  She actually use to sport a fringe back in the day! 

 3  And often times, she wore her hair down and straight.

 4  Nadine wasn't into experimenting with makeup looks before and her brows weren't always as flawless. 

 5  After a while the actress dyed her hair a light brown shade and slowly started changing up her makeup looks. 


 6  In fact, Nadz started to play around with edgier makeup looks and statement hairstyles.

 7  And she started to always make sure her brows were on fleek, regardless of her overall beauty look. 

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 8  She eventually dyed her hair completely black, showing off her edgier style.

 9  She also started to sport more mature and neutral makeup looks.

 10  Nadz eventually started sporting really glam hairstyles and high-contrast makeup looks.

 11  She found her new signature look: jet-black big hair, bold brows, and nude lips. 

 12  But she still has fun with different beauty looks once in a while, while staying true to her preferred edgy style.

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