Matte Nail Art Designs That Are Too Pretty For Words

Warning: these photos will make you want to paint your digits, stat!
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 27, 2016
Image: Pinterest ART Clare Magno
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Back in the day, glossy was everything. The glossier the lips, the better. The shinier your digits, the better, too! But with the rise of the matte lippies, matte nails seems to be all the rage, too. So if you're getting bored with the traditional nail art, make your tips interesting by going matte! Still not convinced? We're listing down some of the coolest matte nail art designs that will surely make you want to paint your nails, stat!

A matte finish may seem boring for some girls because of its lackluster finish, but you can still keep your nail party interesting by mixing mattes and metals together. Opt for a cool nail hue and spice it up with vibrant gold.

You know what's cuter than red matte nails? Red matte nails with hearts, of course!

Black matte nails are edgy and fierce, but you can make it fun in a snap by adding pastel dots for an easy to do, and totally cute nail art! 


Don't be intimidated to mix up different nail hues because of the matte finish. Mix up your blacks, whites, and pinks for a cool geometric-inspired nail design.

Show off your fiery side by adding animal printed design to your jet black nails.

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Aztec prints can be a little overwhelming sometimes, but Aztec prints in matte finish gives off a sleek and refined vibe that is simply beautiful.

Which of these matte nail art designs would you want to try? Just tweet us @candymagdotcom or leave a comment below! 

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