Mane Matters

by Jennie Llamas-Garcia   |  Sep 11, 2011
photo by Willy Saw
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  1. Get regular trims every four to six weeks—even if you're growing your hair. It's the only way to get rid of split ends.
  2. Invest in a good hair dryer. Choose one with nozzle and diffuser attachments. If you have straight hair, use the nozzle attachment, If you have curly hair, use the diffuser.
  3. Get colorful. Bored with your hair? The quickest way to update you look is to color your hair. Go all out, or subtle. Just make sure to choose a shade that suits you.
  4. Brush or comb hair before shampooing. Doing this loosens dirt and saves you to task when it's wet (and more prone to breakage).
  5. Wash hair every other day. Let you hair's natural oils work their magic. However, if you sweat profusely every day, then don't skip the suds. Use a light, gentle everyday shampoo.
  6. Brush long hair often. Oil tends to accumulate in the scalp, leaving the ends parched for moisture. Brushing spreads these oils, thus leaving your hair shinier and healthier.
  7. Use boar-bristle brushes. They're easier on the hair, and are great for smoothing away frizzies.
  8. Use the proper accessories. Snag-free elastics and hair claws are still the most hair-friendly!
  9. Get a hot oil treatment. It's inexpensive, and very effective in adding shine. Better yet, do it yourself!
  10. Tired of bangs? Hide them stylishly. Clip them to the side with a bobby pin, or use a thin elastic headband that's the same color as your hair.
  11. Use a clarifying treatment at least once a week. Give your hair a wake-up call and rid it of buildup—products, pollution—that can weigh it down.
  12. Go ceramic. When straightening hair, make sure the plates of your iron are ceramic—they make for a smoother finish. Also, don't forget to apply product before flattening your hair. Doing this protects your strands from damage.
  13. Let curly hair air-dry. Curly hair tends to be dry and heat styling can further dehydrate locks. If you need your tresses moisture-free right away, blot excess water with a towel, and use a hair dryer with a cool setting.
  14. Rinse conditioner off completely. Any leftover conditioner can make your hair seem heavy, dull, and lifeless. So be sure to wash it off thoroughly.
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