Makeup Habits To Break According To Nadine Lustre's Makeup Artist

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by Janelle Yau   |  Jul 4, 2016
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Every girl has her own makeup routine she follows by heart, but it doesn't mean that your beauty routine is 100% free from little bad habits you need to quit doing now. Nadine Lustre has been the go-to of girls not just for fashion looks, but for beauty trends as well. So when we saw Naddie's makeup artist Jelly Eugenio, we just had to ask about the common bad makeup habits we need to stop doing to have amazing beauty looks just like Naddie. Read on as Jelly shares with us the six makeup habits you need to stop doing, stat!

Applying makeup directly on your face.

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Make sure your face is clean and oil-free before applying makeup on your face. Even if you have finished washing your face in the morning, you still have to gently cleanse it again before you put on your primer, or any makeup base.

Using dirty brushes.

Use brush cleaners right after you use your makeup brushes and make sure to deep clean it at least once a week. Dirty brushes become a haven for bacteria which can cause skin allergies and irritation so be sure to clean your makeup brushes regularly.

Skipping on moisturizer and sunblock.


Regardless of whether the sun is up, or not you have to use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and looking youthful even as you age, and a sunblock to protect your skin against sun damage.

Using a lot of foundation.

Instead of using a heavy foundation especially during daytime, opt for BB Creams, compact cushions, and my personal favorites: tinted moisturizers and matte skin tints for lighter coverage.

Sleeping with makeup on.


When you sleep with makeup on, there is a higher chance of getting acne and we all don't want that.

Trying different beauty trends all at once.

Don't overdo it. Contouring, Kylie Jenner lips, thick lashes, and smokey eyes are all great beauty trends. But when you rock all these beauty trends at the same time, it's a big no-no. For a surefire beauty look, stick to the simple, but classic beauty trends.

Were you guilty of any of these bad makeup habits? What other makeup habits do you think we should ditch?

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