Makeover Blunders

Who says undergoing a major transformation always works for the better?
  |  Mar 27, 2010
compiled by MM de Mesa * illustrations by Mikke Gallardo
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Blast from the Past
Everybody was used to seeing me sporting long hair. The last time I had short hair was during my days as an elementary student. One day, I decided to cut my hair really short. I thought it was a refreshing change until I received a comment from a friend saying, "Parang elementary days ah." Yikes! It was the comment I was dreading to hear. —Ariane, 17

Get That Look
Last Christmas break, I went to Baguio with my family. I usually wear eyeglasses, but since I wanted to look cool, I wore my contact lenses instead. It was really windy that time, and much to my dismay, my eyes got irritated. They became so red and watery that I had no choice but to remove my lenses. I wore my glasses and had to walk around looking like a red-eyed monster! —Joys, 20

I was at a salon when a girl from their staff offered to thread my eyebrows. I had never tried anything remotely painful for the sake of beauty, but I agreed because she promised it wouldn't hurt that much. The minute I felt the thread on my skin, I panicked and pulled my head away. It left me with a very visible (and very painful!) cut on my right eyebrow. To make things worse, the girl just shook her head and said, "Ikaw kasi, Ma'am, ang likot-likot mo." I wanted to cry! —Dina, 14

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Top of the World
I was tired of being branded as an unathletic, kikay girl, so I decided to try a daring new sport-mountaineering! I went with my sister on one of her overnight camping trips and was excited to explore the great outdoors. As we hiked up the mountain, my bag felt heavier and heavier. At one point, I wasn't looking where I was going so I fell into a boar trap! As if that weren't bad enough, I found out there was no bathroom when we reached the campsite! I had to dig a hole to do my thing and I couldn't even wash up. I was all bruised and dirty by the time I got home!  —Princess, 17

Lesson Learned
During statistics class, our professor was discussing a statistical tool called anova. I had just gotten bangs then, and they weren't long enough to tuck behind my ears. I clipped my bangs and asked my seatmate if they looked okay, so she fixed them for me. Just then, my professor saw us and said, "Anova, mamaya na ang bangs na ‘yan! " with a smile on his face. The whole class laughed at his remark. Talk about embarrassing! —Katlynn, 19


Double Take
I had the urge to dye the tips of my hair brown. The effect was very natural, so only a handful of people noticed. One day, my college block mate approached me and said, "Ay! Nagpakulay ka pala ng buhok! " in an amused tone. She confessed that when she first noticed it, her initial thought was, "Shucks! Ang dami niyang split-ends!" We couldn't stop laughing after that! —MM, 18

Treat Me Right
Two days before graduation, I had my naturally curly hair rebonded at a reputable salon. I took a bath the very next day, and to my surprise, my curls were back! I stormed back to the salon and found out that the service rendered to me was just a hot oil treatment. —An-An, 20

Dance, Dance
I was appointed group leader for our dance class presentation. When I demonstrated the dance routine to my group mates, they found the steps difficult to execute. To make things easier for them, I decided to change the steps even though the presentation was the very next day. Big mistake. At the presentation, all of us messed up big time! I mistakenly used the original dance steps, while the rest of my group mates looked lost onstage. So much for making things easier! —Beth, 18


Strut in Style
During my stay in the province, my relatives from London sent a pasalubong box. Inside were the usual goodies such as chocolate and cool clothes. I chose to wear a new coat for fun. I went to my neighbor's house still wearing my stylish new coat, only to have it stained by rooster poop. Worse, I accidentally touched the icky stuff! Gross! —Reka, 18

Cutting Ties
People think of me as boring and predictable, so when I showed up in school one day with my long hair chopped off, everyone made a fuss. My boyfriend's best friend was so shocked by my drastic haircut that he actually thought I did it ‘cause my boyfriend and I had broken up! By the end of the day, a rumor was going around that we had broken up. Urk! —Andy, 18

I'll Follow You
My crush told me he enrolled in dance class for PE, so I decided to sign up for the same class. Sure, he was my classmate, but classes were a major pain! Though trying new things has never been a problem for me, wearing heels and learning how to ballroom dance were tough. I wasn't graceful and I had a hard time memorizing the steps! After a few meetings, my crush was exempted from attending the class while I was stuck there all semester. —Marie, 18


Pill Me In
My brother and sister had both been on this diet pill, and they were forcing me to try it. I was hesitant, but after seeing how the pills didn't have any unwanted side effects (and seeing how fast my siblings were losing weight!), I decided to take the plunge. The morning I took the pills, I started losing my appetite then slowly felt weak. By the time I got to school, I was as pale as a ghost. Worse, I fainted during the flag ceremony! So much for trying to lose weight fast. I didn't even get around to finishing the pills allotted for that day! —Miley, 16 

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