Low Maintenance Hairstyles Every Lazy Girl Will Love

Minimum brushing required!
by Janelle Yau   |  Sep 11, 2016
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Having a great hair day is probably one of the best feelings in the world and a fresh haircut after a trip to the salon is the easiest way to achieve that. Unfortunately, maintaining the freshness of the 'do needs a totally different game plan. We understand that it's no easy feat to keep up with academics, org work, family, friends, and still maintain a good hair day. So to help you cut down the time you spend just fixing your hair every morning, we're sharing four 'dos that are easy to maintain with minimum brushing required!

Choose a one-length 'do.

A lot of girls skip the one-length style because they find it boring and too safe. But we say, it's probably the easiest cut to maintain. And boring? Nonsense! A one-length 'do—when done right—looks chic and sophisticated, too!

Ask for long, well-blended layers.

Layered tresses can be challenging to style sometimes, so opt for long layers that are easy to blend with the rest of your hair for easy styling, and flattering hairstyle.


Highlight, highlight, highlight!

Coloring your hair is already a high-maintenance move, but getting highlights done is whole different version of high-maintenance. If you still want to give highlights a go, opt for hues that are closer to your natural hair color so it blends naturally with the rest of your locks. Don't worry, it will still give your hair the color boost that you want, but will require lesser trips to the salon.

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Go for a LOB!

While cutting your hair short doesn't always mean that it will be easier to maintain, a LOB, on the other hand, is trendy, chic, versatile, and totally easy to style!

Which of these hairstyles do you wanna try first? Let’s talk hair!

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