Lippie Service: 7 Reasons Why You Must Use Lip Balm

  |  Jun 19, 2014
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Having chapped and dry lips is an issue every teen girl experiences. The best solution? Lip balm! Nothing soothes and makes lips feel better than a swipe of lip balm. 

Here now are seven reasons why you definitely must use lip balm:

1. It moisturizes. 

You need not lick your lips, anymore! (In fact, lip-licking contributes to more dryness.) Just a swipe of your favorite lip balm and they will surely be pillow soft. 

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2. It’s healthy.

Vitamin E and Jojoba oil – these good-for-you ingredients are found in lip balm too! Not only do lips become extra shiny, it keeps their lusciousness intact.

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3. It makes lips rosy. 

Kissable lips? Check! Thanks to a lip balm’s tinted quality. This means there are a variety of shades to choose from. From simple to glam, you decide how red your lips can get.

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4. It’s sun-proof. 

Your kissers need protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, too! A lip balm can have sun-protect up to SPF16, so your lips stay in the pink of health.Try Maybelline Oh My Baby Lips Loves Color in Pink Lolita

5. It’s fun.

Who says can’t be adventurous? Lip balms now come in different colors and you can change it up every day, depending what mood you’re in. 

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6. It makes a statement. 

Lip balms in in style and is indeed stylish! Fashion shows and seasons can influence shades. If you’ve got daring and have edgy style, make lip balm part of your wardrobe.

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7. It’s a part of you.

Beyond moisturizing, keeping lips shiny, and glamming it up, lip balm is a must-have. Every girl should have a lip balm or two in her kikay kit. 

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