Kylie Jenner's Hair Transformation

We take you through her year of ever-changing looks for some killer hair inspo!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Nov 15, 2014
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When it comes to changing up hairstyles and updating looks, no one has set the bar lately quite like Kylie Jenner has. This reality star turned fashion and beauty icon has had quite the hair evolution in just a little over a year. From straight and wavy black long locks to short, messy, and colored hair, this young star has definitely experimented with a lot of looks and we think she totally rocked each one perfectly! To give you some really awesome hair inspo, we're showing you Kylie's hair transformation below, just scroll down and pick your favorites.

1. It all started out with the signature Kardashian locks–long, black, and wavy or straight.

2. Then she starts to experiment by adding light brown highlights to her tips.

3. A month later the youngest Kardashian decides to go for shorter locks.

4. Then a couple of months later, Kylie starts her obsession with lob (still with ombre tips)–our favorite hair length on her.


5. The colored locks started to appear when she added a few strips of green to her ombre tips.

6. Kylie then decided to go full-on green ombre after seeing the results of her little experiment. This was the start of her killer statement hair era.

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7. A month or so later, the star decided to go for an all black lob which made her beauty look even more striking than ever.

8. On her birthday, Kylie decided to celebrate by going for an undercut–a hairstyle that definitely suits her edgy, grunge style.

9. The Jenner decided to make a business out of her love for hair by starting her own hair extensions line. Here she is sporting it to change up her look once again.

10. The extensions were the perfect temporpary hairstyle because she missed her short tresses, too.

11. But that doesn't stop her from bringing back her faux long hair once in a while.


12. Another hair surprise from the star is when she decided to add ombre tips once again to her extensions.

13. Then she decided to bring back the green ombre hair, but this time with longer locks.

With her always changing hairstyles, we can't exactly tell what the star will do next, but one thing is for sure–we're going to be waiting for it and we're most definitely gonna love it!

Which hairstyle did you like best? Just tweet us @candymagdotcom or leave a comment below! We love hearing from all of you!

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