How To Achieve K-Style Wispy Bangs, According To A Korean Hairstylist

These are the styling mistakes you're probably making.

Just like coloring your hair, getting bangs can be a full-time commitment. Not everyone wakes up to a perfectly-styled fringe—yes, not even your favorite K-drama leading ladies. It takes effort to have bangs that puffy and perfect, but that doesn't mean you have to be a pro to have them.

In a video by Allure, Korean hairdresser Go Eun shared some dos and don'ts when it comes to achieving perfect K-style bangs. We swear they're not that hard! Cop her tricks below:

1. DON'T use rollers on wet hair.

Rolling wet bangs won't do much for your hair. In fact, it may even prevent you from achieving natural volume. Instead, blow dry your hair first or let it air dry before doing any styling.

2. DO place your rollers at the roots to create volume.

One of the most common mistakes in styling bangs is placing only one roller near the ends, resulting in poofy bangs instead of getting that natural volume. To avoid this, use a small roller and place it right under the roots of your hair. After, get a second roller and place it under the first roller to give your ends a slight curl. Take off the curlers by gently rolling them downwards so you won't lose the volume.

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3. DO the criss-cross technique to prevent your roots from splitting.

Part your bangs in the middle to create two sections. Turn each section to the opposite direction to create an X, and then pin the ends to the side of your head. Leave this on for three minutes and then comb through your bangs to get rid of the split look.

4. DON'T apply any products on your bangs and don't touch it.

Bangs tend to split when they get greasy, which you can avoid by not coating them with any type of hair oil or serum. Avoid touching them as well, since your hands can transfer oils, too.

5. DO apply makeup above your brows.

Another cause for greasy bangs is not controlling the oil on your forehead and brows. The easiest remedy for this is to mattify your forehead with powder and fill in your brows with a matte product that also stops oil.


6. DO blot your forehead.

Don't like powder? Blot off oil by covering a cushion sponge with tissue and patting it over your forehead instead.

7. DO set your look with a hairspray.

Since you shouldn't apply products straight to your bangs, you can make your hairstyle last longer by misting hairspray all over your rollers so it can add hold and volume at once!

Check out the video below for a full demo!

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