We're Absolutely Loving Ivana Alawi's *Low-Key* Underboob Tattoo

by Patricia Melliza for Cosmo.ph   |  Jan 21, 2023
Image: Instagram/ivanaalawi
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Ivana Alawi just got a new tattoo! The YouTuber-actress recently posted a *topless* photo of herself, showing off the low-key ink under her left boob. The red tattoo says, "Je m'aime", a French phrase that means "I love myself" in English. It's her way of expressing self-love, and we're here for it! 

ivana alawi

What's cool about this tattoo placement is that it can be easily hiddenit's perfect for someone whose workplace does not allow visible ink. Brace yourself, thoughthe underboob area will hurt more than if you were to get a tattoo on your forearm or thigh. (READ MORE: The Best And Worst Body Parts To Get Inked On, According To A Tattoo Artist)

Aside from her red ink, Ivana also has a butterfly tattoo on her backand there's a special meaning behind it. "Para sa'kin kasi para siyang rebirth," Ivana shared in an interview with Angelica Panganiban for her online talk show, Ask Angelica. "Kasi nu'ng time na 'yung lasenggera ako. Brokenhearted. So all-in-one siyaTapos ‘yung meaning kasi sa'kin ng butterfly para siyang rebirth na from a caterpillar, pwede kang mag-glow into something beautiful." 

ivana alawi

Thinking of getting an underboob tatt, too? Ahead, we compiled a couple of ink inspos that you can bookmark, stat: 

  1. This flower tattoo is meant to last ~forever~.

  2. Don't know what ink to get? Let your zodiac sign decide for you! 

  3. How about this delicate leaf tattoo? 

  4. Beach babes, this one's for you. 

  5. Keep things sweet and simple with a tiny heart tattoo! 

  6. This moon phases tattoo fits perfectly on the center of the chest. 

  7. Butterflies are packed with beautiful meanings.  

  8. We love how this rose tattoo follows the natural curve of the boob. 


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