Is Lily Collins Back As Clary Fray?

BRB! Scheduling a trip to the salon, STAT.
by Janelle Yau   |  May 16, 2016
Instagram (lilyjcollins)
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While the movie counterpart of The Mortal Instruments is still a no-go (cue tears), luckily we can still catch a glimpse of Lily Collins as Clary Fray thanks to her bold new hair color! Last year, she wowed us with her dramatic pixie cut and now back at it again this time with her flaming red locks she debuted on her Instagram account.


We absolutely love Lily Collins's chocolate brown locks, but the red is perfect for her feisty and fearless personality don’t you think? Plus it brings out her edgy side with no sweat at all.

Just look at her glow! Lily's new hairstyle is seriously making us consider swapping our hair colors for this flaming hue which is absolutely perfect for the summer, if we may add.

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Just in case you're thinking of going red just like Lily, but are still on the fence about it because being a redhead may be a little bit more high maintenance than other hair colors, we're listing down 5 things you need to know on how to keep your red tresses vibrant and flaming 24/7.

  1. Red dye tends to fade faster compared to other colors. So when going red be sure to use a hair dye that promises HD results to ensure brighter and a more long lasting hair color.

  2. Don't use a regular shampoo! One common mistake that most girls do after coloring their hair is sticking to their regular shampoos. Use a color-protecting shampoo instead to help maintain your new color better, and to keep your locks healthier, too.

  3. Don't wash your hair right after coloring your locks. Allow your new color to set in first to maximize the results of the dye. Remember that the longer you allow the color to set in the better the results are.

  4. Wash your hair less frequently. We've all heard this tip before, but not washing your hair everyday especially in the hot Manila weather can be a challenge. But washing your hair too frequently can wash not just your hair color away, but it can strip off your hair's natural oils, too. Yikes!

  5. Opt for cooler water temperature when showering. It is tempting to shower in hot water especially after just getting up, and out from the bed. But hot water can dry out your hair and strip off color as well.

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