How to Wear Glitter During the Day

Without looking like a disco ball.
How to Wear Glitter During the Day

Whether you're the edgy chick or the girly girl, glitter always adds an instant dose of fun to any LOTD. Want to add sparkle to your daytime look but not sure how? Here are cool and easy ways to wear glitter during the day without the risk of looking like a disco ball!

1. Easy

BYS Glitter Lip Gloss in Venus

Matte is out and gloss is in for the holidays. But that doesn't mean that you have to give up your matte bullets completely! Grab your go-to lip color and apply it as you normally do. Then layer a swipe of nude lip gloss with just the right amount of sparkle for extra sass that never spells OTT.

2. Medium

BYS Glitter Eye Crème in Razzle Dazzle

Make a statement at your Christmas HOHOL with your friends with a bold gold eyeshadow and red lip pairing! Keep your OOTD basic and let your strong beauty game do all the talking.

3. Hard

BYS Glitter Face and Body Kit in Seahorse

Ultraviolet may be 2018's color but there's nothing like a great shade of pink that will show off your skin's healthy glow. Step up your beauty game and match your pink flush with your eye makeup. Add some pink glitter on your lids for an easy but eye-catching beauty look.

4. ~Extra~

Load up on the glitters and end the year with a bang! Choose a sparkly silver shadow for your lids and a pink glittery gloss for your lips for a nonchalant look fit for a cool kid.

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