How to ~Properly~ Use a Sheet Mask with Other Products in Your Routine

Proper layering is key.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Nov 23, 2020
Image: Shutterstock, Senka
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Facial masks or sheet masks have gotten a lot of traction thanks to the boom of Asian skincare trends. It's a special part of beauty enthusiasts' skincare routine, with numerous variations that cater to different skin types and concerns.

While it's fairly easy to apply a face mask on, it actually takes more than just slapping it on your face to ensure that you make the most out of its benefits. To properly use a face mask, you need to make sure you go through two other steps in your skincare routine. Here's how you can maximize your face masks' effects:

Start with a cleanser.

Before putting on a face mask, make sure you start with a *clean* canvas by washing your face. Opt for a cleanser that can reach deep-seated dirt, like Senka's signature Perfect Whip foam cleanser. The foam formulation consists of finer particles that can slip through pores and do a deep clean on your skin.


Use a toner first.

After cleansing, apply toner on your face for one last sweep and to bring back balance to your skin's pH levels.

Put on a face mask.

Now that you're done with your cleanser and toner, you can finally put on your face mask. Make sure it's aligned with the cutouts for your eyes and lips. After 10 t0 15 minutes, remove the mask and gently pat on your face to help with absorption. You can also put the excess product on your neck.

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P.S. Senka also carries face masks now! Their new Perfect Pair variations include the perfect whip cleanser, which comes with either the Perfect Aqua White Mask and Perfect Aqua Rich Mask for only P279 (They're exclusively sold in Watson's stores).


Use a serum or moisturizer.

After using your face mask, proceed with a serum to lock in the moisture from the face mask. If you don't have one in your skincare routine, a moisturizer will do the trick.


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