How To Make Dark Lipstick School-Appropriate

An edgy look you can get away with.
How To Make Dark Lipstick School-Appropriate

Think you can’t pull off a dark lippie at school? The key is balance and letting your lips be the focal point of your look, as you keep everything else neutral. Here’s how:

1. Choose a shade that’s appropriate for your skin tone.

Opt for a dark brown shade that will complement your school uniform and not look over the top. The neutrality of the lippie will look good on you, regardless of your skin tone.

2. Exfoliate and scrub.

Lipstick will never look pretty on dry and flaky lips. Create your own scrub at home by mixing brown sugar with honey and rubbing the mixture on your puckers. Wash off with water before applying lipstick for a smooth and even pout. Running a little late for school? Use a toothbrush to slough off dead skin cells instead.

3. Prep and prime your lips.

After exfoliating, use a matching lip pencil to outline your lips before filling them with your chosen shade.

4. Use an oil-blotting sheet.

Dab off extra pigment with an oil-blotting sheet, which also seals the color in place and keeps the lippie from traveling elsewhere on your clothes.

5. The rule of layers.

It sounds self-explanatory: The more layers you swipe on your lips, the richer the lipstick color will be. If you think the shade is too dark for school, downplay the pigment by only applying lipstick on to your bottom lip. Rub your lips together to distribute the color and even it out.

6. Accentuate your lips—and nothing else.

Offset a powerful lipstick shade by keeping the rest of your makeup neutral. Ditch the blush and highlighter combo and stick to concealer for your under-eye area to hide dark circles. Seal off with powder to keep your makeup in place.

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