How To Get Smooth, Glowing Skin Using Only One Product

For days when you just can't.
How To Get Smooth, Glowing Skin Using Only One Product

Who doesn’t want glowing skin 24/7? But on sleep-deprived, post-all-nighter days when you just can’t deal, all the stress is bound to show up on your skin, making it look dull and sallow.

There’s hope, though. Here’s the tea: Achieving smooth, glowing skin doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming at all. In fact, you don’t need a ton of makeup and skincare products to support your cause! All you need? A primer.

Although primers usually go hand-in-hand with foundation, using one with SPF, Vitamin B3, and a buildable, sheer white tint on its own can make all the difference already! Here’s how:

Go for a tint that instantly brightens.

Primers come in different shades that cater to different needs. Green and cool yellow tints help tone down redness, while bluish white tints make the skin look brighter in a snap! If a healthy-looking glow is what you’re after, choose the latter in a sheer, buildable formula. Opt for a primer with a non-matte brightening effect like Pond’s White Beauty Skin Perfector to score a fresh, dewy look.

Build layers in the middle of your face.

ICYDK, the most noticeable pores are those in the middle of the face. Apply the primer evenly first, and create a second (or third!) layer near on your nose and under your eyes. This will blur those pores and create a smoother finish.

Skip the concealer.

If you’re so tired and you just want to stick to one product, you need a primer that does the job. Pond’s White Beauty Skin Perfector has vitamin B3 to fade spots and dark marks. You’ll soon be able to skip the concealer too!

Don’t forget your neck!

Do you *cringe* at makeup tutorials that don’t include the neck? Same. If it bothers you that the color of the neck isn’t the same color as the rest of the face, don’t make the same mistake! Go for a primer with SPF and apply a generous amount on your neck, too. Make sure that all spots are covered to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

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