How to Find the Perfect Primer for Your Skin Type

by Karen Francisco   |  Apr 14, 2017
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Makeup is all fun and games until you realize that not every makeup that you see is meant for you. If you've been wondering why your makeup hasn't been at its A-game, maybe it's time to go back to the basics and find out the perfect primer for your skin type. After all, primers serve as not only a barrier for your skin from makeup, it also creates a smoother surface that will make your foundation look flawless and long lasting. Read on to find out what primer you should be using for your skin type.

Oily Skin

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If you have oily skin, chances are, your makeup doesn't last very long since it tends to break up towards the T-zone or your cheeks due to the excess oil that your skin produces. It's best to stick to mattifying primers that have a silicone-y texture to keep your oils at bay plus it will minimize the appearance of pores.

Dry Skin


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If you have dry or flakey skin, your common mistake would be to get a mattifying primer that is absolutely not for your skin type! This will dry out your skin even more causing your skin to have patches when you put foundation on. Try a more hydrating and dewy primer (that won't cause your skin to look oily) so that your makeup will go on much smoother without clinging on to dry patches.

Normal Skin

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If you have normal skin, it just means that your pores are not too big or not too small, just releasing the right amount of oil that won't make you look greasy. The only primer you need is one that will make your foundation apply better and make it last throughout the day. Give your skin a natural glow with the primer that you use.

Combination Skin

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It could be rather tricky to deal with combination skin, since there are dry and oily parts of your face. Don't fret, Candy Girls, just use a water based primer so that it won't overly mattify or make your face look shiny. However, you can actually combine this with a silicone based primer just to treat your more oily areas. 

What primer are you currently using? Will you make a swap?

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