How to Deal With the Awkward Changes Your Body Goes Through

When graduating from school and transitioning into womanhood sort of become the same thing.
Sep 22, 2017
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How to Deal With the Awkward Changes Your Body Goes Through

Puberty may be overwhelming, but you should know that everyone goes through it, too. It's something every teenager is all too familiar with. It's this stage in our lives where everything suddenly makes us conscious because our body is changing dramatically. Don't sweat it, though—it's perfectly normal.

If there's an upside to puberty, it's finally being able to shop at the ladies section, which also means more fun and versatile choices. After all, these changes signal the need to overhaul your wardrobe—there's just no better time to be a girl!

Here, we enumerate the different things you may experience in becoming a full-fledged teenager. Yes, they can be stressful, so we've also sneaked in a quick fix or two.

Rapid Growth

Changes in your body continue to develop in your early to mid-20s—that is, your breasts and height may still continue to grow. Hair also grows in places like your armpits and genital areas. All of this is normal. During this stage, there's completely no point in comparing yourself with other girls—we all don't develop at the same time and in the same way. That said, it helps to keep your eating choices and lifestyle healthy regardless.

Bloating (thanks, PMS!)

The female body has a weird way of telling us that our period is coming—you will crave everything and feel everything all at once. Then again, there's nothing a chocolate bar paired with a good rom-com flick can't fix.

Discharges and Blood

There are times when it's just downright uncomfortable down there—and it's not even your period yet! So dyahe, right? And then there's the actual period—ugh! Even when you remind yourself that all this is normal and healthy, periods still suck. Get through it with panty liners, sanitary napkins, and funny memes and GIFs to prevent yourself from becoming too moody.


Pimples and acne always choose to appear during the most inconvenient times—thankfully, there are concealers to help you cover spots and scars. Keep those breakouts and clogged pores at bay with every girl's go-to skincare method: Cleanse-Tone-Exfoliate-Protect-Moisturize-Repeat.


Puberty hormones affect certain glands in the skin, making you sweat more than usual. And when your sweat combines with bacteria, it can cause a significant change (and strength) in body odor, especially in the underarm area.

Make sure to save yourself from this mishap together with other puberty turn-offs (such as darkness, chicken skin, redness, and roughness) with products that prevent odor and sweat like Belo Beauty Deo. Using it daily not only helps you fight off underarm-related woes, but also keeps your underarms kissably beautiful so you'll have one less body part to be conscious about.

Every change you face is pretty natural, and any healthy girl gets them, too—they're nothing to be embarrassed about! Most especially now when there are beauty products that can help you combat puberty issues.

To purchase the Belo Beauty Deo online, click here.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Belo Beauty Deo.

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