How To Cut Your Own Hair At Home If You’re Really Desperate For A Trim

If you're desperate for a cut, YouTube is your best friend.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Apr 7, 2020
Image: YOUTUBE/Primer, Jen Atkin
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It’s Day 24 of quarantine—you’re starting to lose track of what day it is, you’re struggling to stay productive (which you don’t always have to be), and your slightly longer hair has become noticeably unmanageable. You won’t be heading out anyway so there shouldn’t be a problem with having a couple of bad hair days. Or maybe you want to finally try sporting longer hairstyles like many of your celeb idols do (Here's a guide for the kind of long hair that would best fit your face shape). For some, though, growing their hair out isn’t an option, especially not in this heat.

Haircutting is best left to the professionals, so if you can wait it out, it's best to do so. But if you really, reaaally want to chop off your 'do, we’re left with no choice but to DIY our haircut for now. If you’re desperate for a cut, here are guides from YouTube that would hopefully be of help:


If you can, ask someone you trust to do it for you.

If you’re not too confident about cutting your own hair, ask someone at home to do it for you. Preferably, it’s someone who has steady hands and who you believe is reliable when it comes to the art of cutting hair.  

Featured Video

Here’s a video of Hollywood hairstylist Jen Atkin doing a simple fade on husband’s hair. Your mom or your brother may be no celebrity hairstylist, but virtually learning from one may just bring out their potential.

What you’ll need based on Jen’s video: a spray bottle with water, hair clippers, brush, comb, scissors, thinning shears

Jen starts by spraying some water on her husband's hair. She then starts with the hair clippers, using a short blade all through out. In a straight line, Jen starts by doing an up-and-out movement up until the temple and works in the same pattern around the head. She then switches to a #2 guard to fade and blend to the top part of the hair with the same up-and-out movement.


Otherwise, watch online tutorials to see how to properly work with your hair-cutting tools.

If you ~must~ do it on your own because you trust no one else but yourself to touch your hair, at least look up tutorials on YouTube to see how other people are doing it. Here's one that features an actual hairstylist giving tips for guys who are left with no choice but to DIY their haircuts. It also has a mini explainer on hair clippers at the beginning of the video to help you better understand the essential tools before putting them to use.

Fair warning: hairstylist Tiffany Van Goey mentioned in the video that if you're not prepared to buzz off all your hair when things go ABSOLUTELY wrong and unfixable, then don't try attempting to cut it yourself. If you just want to buzz off hair around your ears for a more refreshing feeling, Tiffany says to just comb your hair over your ears and just trim around your ears with a simple beard trimmer. That's the safest, hairstylist-approved do-it-yourself project you can do for now.



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