Here's the K-Beauty Way to Wear Blush

Step up your blush game!
Here's the K-Beauty Way to Wear Blush

Whether you’re a self-confessed beautyholic or not, you can’t deny the allure of K-beauty. Our Korean sisters avoid heavily made-up faces like the plague: They're all about the healthy, natural look, and we all know that nothing spells "healthy glow" better than rosy, flushed cheeks.

The Korean 10-step skin care routine is no longer a mystery and you already know the K-beauty way to avoid chapped lips. Now, we’re sharing with you the K-beauty way to wear your blush to help you achieve that fresh, dewy look with ease.

Let it glow

Grab a highlighting stick and use your ring finger to add some glow to the parts of your face where the light naturally hits—the center of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, your Cupid’s bow, and your chin. You can even use a highlighter to brighten your undereye area instead of concealer!  But remember, while dewy skin is the ultimate goal when it comes to Korean makeup, be careful not to go overboard! Opt for a rose gold highlighter like Revlon’s Insta-blush in Rose Gold Kiss for a softer strobe.

K-ontour it!

Heavy contouring has always been a no-no in the K-beauty scene, but that doesn’t mean that they skip it altogether. In fact, contouring helps achieve another K-beauty goal: the “V-line jaw.” A brown blush like Revlon’s Insta-blush in Nude Kiss can also be used to lightly contour the sides of your nose and your hairline. Try contouring horizontally under your cheekbones instead of the usual diagonal direction for a fresher approach to the contour technique.

Make it pop

K-beauty is all about looking fresh, young, and natural. That's why a youthful pop of color on the cheeks is important to the Korean makeup regimen. Pick a blush in a soft pink color like Revlon’s Insta-blush in Candy Kiss and apply it slightly higher than the apples of your cheeks to get that naturally blushing look in a heartbeat.

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