Here's a Cute, Easy Hairstyle You Can Try for School

Watch how Aryanna Epperson does it!
Here's a Cute, Easy Hairstyle You Can Try for School

Are you tired of your usual school girl 'do? If your answer is yes, then now's the time to give your go-to hairstyle a break! Jazz up your look by trying something new like the Hair Bow Half-Up Do. Learn how to create the sweet and girly hairstyle in the video below!

1. Gather two sections of hair from each side of your head. Then, tie it with an elastic, creating a small bun.

2. Using your fingers, divide the mini bun in half until it resembles a bow. Lock the hairstyle in place with a bobby pin.

3. Mist on hairspray for a neat finish—no hair should be sticking out!  

Here's the final look:

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