Heads Up, GoT Fans! A Game of Thrones Makeup Collection Could Be Launching Soon

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by Janelle Yau   |  Jan 4, 2017
Image: HBO
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There's no doubt that the Game Of Thrones universe is one hot mess, but despite all the chaos, you have to admit, the GoT girls still manage to stay on top of their beauty game. (We're looking at you, Daenerys) And it looks like you can now cop Daenerys's, Sansa's, and even Cersei's flawless no-makeup makeup looks sooner than the much-awaited seventh season hits the small screen!

Storybooks Cosmetics, the genius brand behind the Harry Potter makeup collection made all the GoT fangirls squeal with pure excitement when they announced on their Instagram page that they're trying to make a Game Of Thrones makeup collection come to life.

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Although nothing's set in stone yet, we can already picture the endless bold and flawless looks we can create with these makeup goodies. Plus, those lipstick dragon eggs are so cool! Who wouldn’t want those in their kikay kits?

We've never really empathized with Cersei and her intense need to rule the Seven Kingdoms, but with this GoT makeup collection in mind, we can feel the Cersei in us jump in joy and delight.

Do you want this Game Of Thrones makeup collection, too? Let's talk beauty!

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