Here's How 'A World Of Married Couple' Star Han So Hee Gets Her K-Beauty Glow

by Nicole Arcano for   |  May 5, 2020
Image: INSTAGRAM/xeesoxee
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All eyes are currently on Korean actress Han So Hee for her daring role in the JTBC drama A World of Married Couple. She plays the character of Yeo Da Kyung, the mistress of Lee Tae Oh (played by Park Hae Joon), the husband of revered doctor Ji Sun Woo (played by Kim Hee Ae). Needless to say, the story revolves around Sun Woo's pursuit to rise above her husband's infidelity. 

Despite her brow-raising character in the drama, Han So Hee has easily caught the world's attention with her beauty. Even her co-star Kim Hee Ae said that the young actress is "in charge of beauty" in the show! So naturally, we couldn't help but wonder about So Hee's beauty secrets. And as it turns out, she has only one trick for maintaining her complexion: getting her daily dose of vitamin Z!

"Sleep is related to one's complexion [so] I try to sleep at least four hours a day," she says in an interview with Arirang. Four hours might not sound like a lot, but the actress also tries to squeeze in as much extra shut eye in between her busy schedule!

She continues, "My daily pattern is irregular so on some days, I have to go out with only a few hours of sleep, so on such days, I rest and sleep in the car, as I need to rest to get my mind working. I have rules set for sleeping."

Just how important is sleep for your skin, you ask? You'll be surprised. First, lack of sleep is a major contributor to dark circles, since it causes the blood vessels under your skin to dilate, which give that area a deeper tint. It can also cause acne because it kicks your hormones into overdrive, which in turn, increases your oil and sebum production. Basically, So Hee is definitely on the right track with her sleeping habits.


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