Hair Talk With Kim Jones And Gretchen Ho

These two It Girls share everything about their gorgeous hair!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Aug 10, 2014
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Gretchen Ho and Kim Jones are the latest brand ambassadors of Vitress, the country's number one hair cuticle coat and hair polish. Last Friday the It Girls didn't only show off their naturally long beautiful hair, they also spoke to us about their personal hair regimen and dreams, hair nightmares, and tips on how to achieve gorgeous hair like theirs! Just keep reading and scrolling down to find out what they shared with us.

Q: What's your every day hair regimen like?

Kim:"I'm very simple/lazy, so I like things that don't take a lot of effort. I do use Vitress on a daily basis. I don't wash my hair every day, so I wash it about 3-4 times a week, so I use Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat for an extra lift when I wash it."

Gretchen: "I use shampoo and conditioner and I would iron my hair to keep it straight because I'm just a simple girl, I don't like too much curls. And I add Vitress to make it shiny and a little messy since I don't like it too neat. My favorite is the heat protect cuticle coat.


Q: What's Your dream hairstyle?

Kim: "If I could get anything done, and nothing was holding me back, I would have some big Rihanna or Beyonce hair. There's just something so effortless, and not effortless, about waking up in the morning like Solange with her 'fro. But I would probably need mountails of Vitress!"

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Gretchen: "For me I've never tried short hair since I was in grade school since I was sort of bullied for it. And, after that I never cut it really short and it was always long. So now that I'm much older, maybe I can manage it better with Vitress so it's easier to maintain. My dream is to have it boycut but not super boyish. More like girly-cool, short but nice."

Q: What was your worst hair day?

Kim: "Sometimes, you know when it just happens? You can't foresee it. It's when it flat and frizzy at the same time. Flat at the top and then frizzy at the bottom. It's just so hard to control."


Gretchen: "When I feel lazy to fix my hair, so I just get out of the shower and dry my hair with a towel and go out. So my hair is still straight but my hair gets really dry that way."

Q: What's one beauty tip you can give young girls?

Kim: "I would have to say, investing in the right things. Know how to invest in a good shampoo and a good conditioner. Everything else will enhance that. Go to a hairstylist and talk about your hair. It's all fun anyways."

Gretchen: "For me it's very important to have a good haircut. Find out that suits you because if it doesn't, it won't grow nicely. Second, always condition your hair because it will really help you when you're styling your hair. It will also be easier to comb and you're taking care of it as well."

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