Say Bye-Bye to Frizzy Hair for Good With These Hair Secrets

Say buh-bye to limp and dry locks.
by Trisha Duncan, Janelle Yau   |  Aug 6, 2017
Image: Majoy Siason
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Whether you're the type to obsess about her crowning glory or not, it's no secret that people notice your hair. Is it magulo? Is it buhaghag? Washing your locks with shampoo is basic maintenance, but even if you wash it daily or three times a week, just like your skin, your hair needs a lot of TLC, too. And one easy way to avoid the frizz? Hair conditioner, plain and simple. While it's so tempting to squeeze all the contents in the bottle for extra soft hair, applying too much conditioner isn't good for your locks either.

According to celebrity hairstylist Mark Rosales, contrary to popular belief, "Overconditioned hair generally feels limp, more fragile, and definitely more susceptible to breakage as well." Yikes! To make sure that your hair game is on-point and you're conditioning your hair right, we're listing down tips you need to keep that mane healthy, bouncy, and shiny for good.


Rinse your hair first before applying. Wash with water first so whatever shampoo and conditioner you apply will glide smoothly on your hair.

Know your hair type. It's important to take into consideration what your hair type is. For example, girls with longer hair (past shoulder length) should condition their hair first before putting on shampoo to lock in the moisture. Got colored hair? Make sure to use a conditioner that's specifically made for colored tresses!

Only condition your hair from mid-length to tips. Overloading the scalp with too much conditioner will only leave it looking greasy and limp, too. A general rule would be to shampoo the scalp to get rid of dirt and only apply conditioner on top of your head after running it through the rest of your hair.

Tip: If you have kulot hair, it is best to apply conditioner using a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute and moisturize it!

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Take your time to wash it off properly. Like moisturizers for the face, conditioners need to linger on the hair for deep moisturization. So take your time in rinsing it off!

Be gentle! As with anything else, everything should be treated with proper care and that includes hair conditioning. Lather your scalp by gently stroking your head as if you are massaging it to increase blood flow and help the hair growth. Do the same with the tips to help untangle those knotted ends and prevent it from getting frizzy.

Finish it with cold water. Warm water may be cozy, but cold water helps lock in the cuticles tight and make the hair shine!

How about you? What do you do to keep the frizz away?

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