Get the Look: Sun-kissed Makeup

No need to stay under the sun!
Get the Look: Sun-kissed Makeup

Still no summer getaway plans? Learn how to fake your way to sun-kissed skin by just standing in front of your mirror and following this foolproof makeup tutorial. 


Step 1: Pat and prep

Always start with a clean canvas. Wash your face with cold water to constrict pores, reduce puffiness, and also make you sweat-free, which is essential when you're applying make up on a hot day.


Step 2: Ace the base

Choose the right base that perfectly matches your skin tone. Get a barely-there, dewy look by ditching matte foundations. Instead, go for a lightweight formula like BYS Tinted Moisturizer, which offers an immediate moisture boost and a hint of skin-perfecting color with its BB formula.

Step 3: Conceal dark circles

The trick is to draw, using your concealer, an inverted triangle under your eyes and pointing towards the cheeks. This shape not only conceals dark circles but also lights up your face.


Step 4: Apply bronzer

Pick a bronzer that's two shades darker than your skin tone. Working in circular motions, dust BYS Matte Bronzing Powder all over your face and neck. Then, apply a second layer to your cheekbones, nose, temples, and chin. This product has a smooth velvet formula that lets you fake a natural-looking tan. Also, its ultra fine powder particles are suited for all skin types.


Step 5: Add subtle shimmer

A highlighter helps brighten your features, making your skin look like it's touched by the sun. Sheer and lightweight, BYS Liquid Illuminator is a multi-use product that can be worn under, over, or mixed with your moisturizer or foundation. Make sure you apply concentrated amounts on these areas: inner corner of your eyes, upper cheekbones, and under your eyebrow arches. 

Step 6: Blush on

Tap coral blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Remember: Smile before you swirl!


Step 7: Add a finishing touch

Finish the natural, sun-kissed look with nude, brown lips. 


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with BYS.